Outdoor, various and fun activities for kids and grown-ups… therefore no one can be bored! Take your time to discover the region, and have a look on the attractions around.

Activities on site

Accessible to the residents who spend a night at our Domaine, (in the camping area or in lodges) and to all external people who come only for the day (except for the swimming pool).

Warning: residential areas (camping area, pond area and wildlife area) are exclusively reserved to the residents (people who wear the camping bracelet). It is not possible to walk freely in the Domaine for the quietness of the residents. If you wish to discover our Domaine, opt for a bike or a Rosalie’s rental (2 choices of tours: pond or animals).

Good tip: 50% of discount on the cheapest activity when you book 3.

We advise you to book in advance, in order to do so you can call us.