Educational scholar excursions in Ain

Organize an original outdoor group excursion!

You are a summer camp or a school and you are looking for an original excursion in Ain? For children in kindergarten, primary school or high school The Domaine de la Dombes is the perfect place to organize an event combining fun and education.

We give you the choice between several activities for an excursion 100% nature: treetop adventure park, mini golf and/or ludic visit of the animal parks.

Treetop adventure park

The park Accro Dombes it’s 7 tracks of different levels equipped with a system of continuous cable life line, which guarantees that everybody can climb and evovle in the trees safely, without ever getting unhooked! The mentoring is assured by a dynamic, certified and pedagogue team.

3€ sensory formula

access to the barefoot trail

12€ Formula Ouistiti

access to 2 tracks + barefoot trail (-1m20)

17€ Formula Enfant

access to 3 tracks + barefoot trail (+1m20)

21€ Formula Junior

access to every track (+1m30) ★ Group discount up to -25% + free entry for the supervisor from 10 participants

The treetop adventure park is an educational activity which initiates the child to autonomy, concentration and reflection, self-control, the taste of the effort, balance, mutual aid, overcoming fears but also respect of security rules.


The mini-golf of the Domaine de la Dombes has 9 tracks. The team provides club, ball and score paper and the activity is practiced in autonomy under the look of teachers. Organizing an excursion to the mini golf is always the occasion to spend a nice moment wqith your friends!

Price of 4€ (-10 years old) 5.50€ (+10 years old)

Group discount up to -25% + free entry for the supervisor from 10 participants

When we talk about mini golf, we usually don’t think about the numerous educational advantages that offers such a discipline! However… Mini-golf improve motricity and capacity to estimate distances as well as concentration. Moreover, as it is an individual sport played with a group, it envourages cooperation and respectful behaviour vis-à-vis rules and opponents. Finally, children will enjoy an outdoor activity!

Animal parks visit

Come visit our animal parks with your summer camp or for an educational school excursion. The Domaine counts a mini-farm, an aviary but not only… find as well many species that populate our European forests (deers, mouflons, boars, bisons…). 2 visits options:

  • The free visit with teacher and/or supervisor with an educational booklet to fill Booklet adapted to the age: 4-7 years old and 8-12 years old

5€/child with booklet; 3,5€ without booklet (-4 years old)

  • The commentated visit with an animal carer accompanied by the supervisors. For 1h30 the group acquires knowledges about animals of the Domaine and assists to the feeding of some of them. He will learn anecdotes about their daily life and will get back with a lot of memories!

150€/class (30 childrenmax) + 1,5€/child for the booklet

The visit of the animal parks is a nice activity to sensitize about the living being and its environment. Organizing an excursion with a school or a summer camp in the heart of the animal parks of the Domaine de la Dombes will allow you to approach themes such as the preservation of species, the respect ov environment and the discovery of nature. The security of the place and the proximity of animals will allow the children to enjoy a real moment of relaxation and learning.

8 parks – 150 animals

A multi-activities package

You are seduced by several activities. We can realize a personalized multi-activities package for an entire day. Send us a detailed request (date, number and age of the children, activities wished…) we will be happy to creat with you your ideal group excursion.

The + of the Domaine

  • Big parking area for coaches
  • Several sanitaries
  • New playground area
  • Picnic tables at your disposal
  • Snacking at 9,50€ (hotdog or sandwich, crisps, water, apple)

What our visitors say

We spent a wonderful day in a really nice environment. The students, the accompanist parents and myself were delighted. The 2 activities were really appropriate to the students, supervised by competent instructors, kind and attentive. Many students had never been in a treetop adventure park. They managed to surpass their fear, to focus and they all really enjoyed the activity. The visit with the animal carer was also really enjoyed: rythm and speech adaptated to their age. They loved the proximity with the animals. To be able to feed the animals! The animal carer even took the time to help the most fearful. It was a perfect day!

Attignat School