For every occasion, please a loved one, your family or your friends! Offer a gift coupon for one or several activities of the Domaine.

How does it work?

  1. Select the type of gift coupon you want to offer
  2. Equip yourself with your contact details and the ones of the person you are offering the gift coupon to (name, phone number, email, postal address)
  3. Click on the link here to buy your gift coupon directly online!
  4. At the reception of your payment, you will receive your gift coupon directly by email, or by mail send the next-day to the postal address indicated (the coupon is accompanied by a gift pouch and our illustrative brochure). Delay of 24 to 72h depending on the period.

Nursery or Ain’stant soigneur visit (privatisation with animal carer)

  • 1 hour: 60€ for 6 persons (max)

Spa (privatisation sauna & giant jacuzzi)

  • 1 hour: 29€ per adult / 10€ per child (-15 years old)
  • 2 hours: 39€ per adult / 15€ per child (-15 years old)

Mini golf (10 tracks)

  • 5.50€ per adult / 4€ per child (-10 years old)

Rosalie rental (maximum 4 persons)

  • 1 hour: 19€
  • 1/2 day: 49€

Fishing (no kill)

  • The day: 5€
  • The season: 49€

Bark rental

  • 1 hour: 9€ (for 3 persons maximum)

Treetop adventure park

  • Ouistiti formula (children -1.20m) : 10€ for the day or 30€ for the season
  • Enfant formula (child +1.20m) : 16€ for the day or 45€ for the season
  • Junior – Adulte formula (child +1.30m) : 20€ for the day or 60€ for the season


1€ of discount for the treetop adventure park and the mini golf if you spend a night at the Domaine

25% of discount on a pack of 3 activities (including the SPA)


  • Valid 2 years old
  • Advantage: modifiable non refundable
  • Gift pouch and brochure to pick up on the spot (extra fee of 5€ for mailing)