Escape and respect of nature

The objective of a stay at the Domaine de la Dombes: escape and disconnection in a preserved nature. An eco-sensitive project from the construction of the unusual accommodations, all il wood, which aligns perfectly with the nature. Accentuated by eco-responsible approaches with the wish to sensibilize our vacationers to the respect of nature, which is dear to our heart.

A nature environment

Nested in the heart of the Dombes in Ain, the land of a thousand ponds, the Domaine de la Dombes expands on more than 30ha. A small corner of paradise isolated and calm that we wanted to denature the least possible. You will not be surprised to find green areas left fallow to preserve the biodiversity on the site. Or even dead trees on the shore of the pond. Indeed a dead tree keeps on protecting life by being a shelter for numerous animal and vegetal species.

The lodges

It is around 30 unusual wooden accommodations: cabins in trees and floating cabins. Most of our lodges were intentionally created without water and electricity, while being equipped with composting toilets. The wood used for the building of our cabins are larch and Douglas fir, natural rot-proof materials that do not need chimical treatment. Our treehouses are built in a way that it does not wound the tree and let it grow perfectly. The health of our trees and the respect of nature are important values.

Escape – Preserved nature – Change of scenery – Ressourcing stay – Pedestrian access

The access

Vehicles are left in the different parking areas. The pond area as well as the animal area, the access are mostly made by foot. The paths are enlightened by solar panels. Mostly for the calm and tranquility of the place, but also to take the time to observe the Domaine. A night walk can quickly become a rich and crazy adventure, enlightened by your flashlight. Take the time to listen and focus on the noises of nature or the animals surrounding you: the Vieux-Jonc, the small stream of water running through the Domaine, the sound of an owl or even the woods of deers clashing

Our eco-responsible approaches and values

Ecological products

For the maintenance and the cleaning of the lodges and the sanitaries, we favour the use of ecological products. An attention that can also be seen in the welcome kit you receive when you arrive.

Biodegradable packaging

In the preparation of your breakfast and dinner baskets, we make sure to favour biodegradable or recyclable packaging (glass, cardboard in bamboo fibre) and banish plastic as much as we can to limit our pollutant waste!

Selective sorting

Like at home, during your holidays at the Domaine, we invite you to reduce the ecological footprint of your waste. How? By using the sorting bins and the compost container at your disposal. To facilitate your life on the spot, you will find a huge number of explanatory displays. We count on you to help us in this approach, to initiate and empower your children, our consumers of tomorrow.

Selective sorting – dry toilets – compost container

Water economy

The dry toilets

Very simple of use and without a smell, the dry toilets are used with a biodegradable bag. The water is replaced by the use of sawdust that plays the role of the absorber. Your bag is changed everyday, we take care of everything. How to build your own dry toilets?

Water recovery containers

Nature offers us precious ressources for us to enjoy. That is why many water recovery containers are implanted in the Domaine. They have many use, espacially for the watering of the green areas, to fill the animals troughs when the river is dry, to clean the food containers at the nursery, to rince the foot of the children that try to sensory trail…


In order to reduce the consumption of water, all the taps of the Domaine are equipped with a pressure reducer and the shower with an automatic button.