Published on 23 November 2022

The lodges in the animal area

At the Domaine de la Dombes you can live a unique experience: sleep in the middle of the animals. The Domaine now counts 16 cabins overlooking different animal parks: the Deer park, the Bison park, the Boar park and the Mouflon park.

Stay in a nature lodge while having the chance to observe animals evolving in their natural habitat, in really big parks. You juste have to choose which animal you want to admire? Or your dream cabin? And finally the period you want to live this adventure? What is amazing, is that every time of the year offers amazing scenes of the animal life to witness.

Sleep in the middle of the deer

Stay in a perched lodge, and facing you, the immensity of the deer’s plain to enjoy the fullness of the big spaces of the Domaine. Here live around 30 cervis (Sika deer, Fawns, Does) on more than 3 hectares.

For a nature parenthesis with your parnter:

For an original adventure with your family:

In Spring, you will witness the loss of woods. In Summer, you will have the chance to witness the little fawns roaming around. In Autumn, the deer slag will offer you a unique show.

Sleep in the middle of the Bisons

2 familial cabins have the privilege to overlook Magda and Pop’s park, our bison female and its baby (becoming pretty big). From the terrace of those cabins, it will be easy to observe them: when they come and relax in the sunny part of the meadow, or near the river when they come to drink. Those 2 residents are part of the European program to encourage the reproduction and then the reintroduction of animals considered vulnerable.

When the night falls, take the time to listen to the noises of the forest that surround you. Particularly the breath of this impressive animal or even the cracking of the twigs under their hoofs when they join the undergrowth.

Sleep in the middle of the Boars

This animal that populates our European forests but whom we don’t know anything about. First of all he is nocturnal, so you will certainly live an exceptional night. You are not protected from the possibility of one of them coming to rub itself on the cabin’s stilt during the night to offer you a thrill. 3 ideal lodges with your family:


In Spring and Summer, we are softened by the baby boars all striped and cute following the steps of their mother one after the other

Sleep in the middle of the Mouflon

3 little goblin thatched cottages implanted in the forest, in the middle of the mouflon park; those are the Troll cabins. Impossible for you to miss the animals, they will be around you during your stay. Nice and gourmet, children will love to give them some grass and leaves directly through the fences of the park.

In Spring it is the long-awaited birth period. During the slag, in Autumn you will certainly assist to fights between the males armed with beautiful hornes, fighting for the privilege of protruding all the females.

Sleep in the middle of the animals at the Domaine de la Dombes

Animal lovers?

Us too. That’s why the Domaine de la Dombes has been welcoming for years dozens of animals. You have the possibility every morning, by sleeping at the Domaine, to participate in the commented feeding of the animals with an animal carer in order to learn more about our species.