Our animal parks were spotlighted in the show on C8!

The Domaine make its comeback on a small screen in the begenning of this season, to make you discover the animals in the famous show on sunday 15th of April 2021.

You admired them, caressed them or took pictures of them, or you are looking forward to meeting them, our animals are an integral part of our Domaine and enables you to have an unforgettable stay.

From your perched cabin or during your walk, go and meet our different residents.

You can discover our animal parks and follow all the news (births, new arrivals, development of the parks…) on our different social medias!

Original activities around the animals

You are not staying at the Domaine but you are looking for original activities around the animals.

We offer you different activities:

  • Private visit of the Nursery to discover the new-borns
  • Innovation 2021 Ainstant Soigneur to be in the skin of an animal carer for 1 hour and take care of animals

Discover the association AIN’STINCT SOIGNEURwhich take care of the animals (veterinary care, development of the parks, food…) and don’t hesitate to donate for their wellbeing.

We thank the C8 channel and its filming team for this beautiful reportage and this nice time spent together.

To see the show entirely, here is the replay