Published on 16 November 2023

At the Domaine de la Dombes you can live an exceptional experience: sleep on water.

Stay in a floating cabin, it is allowing yourself a nature getaway, by taking the time to observe the landscapes and animals surrounding you. Destination the Dombes and its thousand ponds: paradise for birds with a fauna and a flora of exception in a preserved nature.

Lodges in the pond area

The pond of the Domaine de la Dombes expands on more than 8ha et counts 10 floating cabins in the middle of water or on pilotis on the shore. They all have private barks, leaving you with the freedom to wander around the pond as you wish. For 2 to 6 persons for an unusual experience, to live as a couple or with your family.

You ask yourself when to live this adventure? The great thing is that you can come experience great landscapes and fantastic life scenes all year long. Like the bird migration, a fantastic reflection of a sunrise or sunset, the birth of little ducks, the crazy colors of Indian summer, the autumnal fog so mystical on the pond…

Then you only have to decide which cabin range suits you? Adventure or comfort? Where to find the cabin of your dreams?

The adventure floating cabins

We live the adventure a 100%. For a night we forget the superfluous, we put aside the everyday comfort, we switch off the phone and in our backpack we don’t forget the flashlight!

In the skin of Robinson, you will live to the rythm of the day and the night and you will really disconnect. A goof thing for the body and the mind! 3 cabins with a capacity of 2 to 3 persons for a nature escape as a couple or with your family.

From 120€ the night for 2pers, breakfast included and delivered +35€ for an extra person

Be reassured, the floating cabin in the adventure range has dry toilets and you can find showers and normal toilets only a few minutes away by foot.

The Flo’ tentes

Like its noun indicate it, it is a tent on water, so a cabin made with wood and tent materiel. Anchored like a boat, you can wake up the next morning with a different view from the night before.

For 2 persons, it is ideal for a romantic getaway and will make the eco-sensitive persons happy because it is completely autonomous with dry toilets and solar panel.

It is the entry-level of our floating cabins from 85€ the night breakfast included.

When the night falls, take the time to listen to the noises of life on the pond. The croaking of frogs, the splash of carps jumping around you, all the ongs of the different birds… A total disconnection, far from the noises of the city or your daily life, you will see, it’s surprising!

The family comfort floating cabins

What if you lived this crazy experience with your little tribe? Children are welcome from 2 years old. The entire family will be equipped with life jackets for the potential use of the bark, but knowing that the main access of the family cabins is through a walkaway

3 lodges in the comfort range (with electricity but no water) all different in their shape and architecture are dedicated to families, discover:

and its huge rooftop

and its double terrace with one advanced on water

and its uge bay windows for a panoramic view

Family comfort floating cabins

For you comfort during Summer, those accommodations are equipped with a fan and in Spring and Autumn with a heat

Between 185€ and 300€ the night breakfast included for everybody depending on cabin and period

The duo comfort floating cabins

2 cabins from the comfort range (with electricity but no water) for 2 persons

wears its name correctly, because it is the landmark of the different varieties of ducks living on the pond. A stay in this cabin will be a true sharing of experience with the animals. You will appreciate contemplating a beautiful sunset from its cute little terrace on stilts.

Cabin between 85€ and 125€ the night (depending on the period) breakfast included

nichoir des canard sunset Domaine de la Dombes
Nichoir des canards sunset Domaine de la Dombes

The ecolodge the most remoted on the pond for a great escape, far from everything… a stay under the sign of tranquility and escape. Its huge bay windows and its atypical hexagon form will offer you a stunning view on the entire pond.

Cabin between 135€ and 175€ the night (depending on the period) breakfast included


Fishing enthusiast?

The Dombes is the 1st fish region in fresh water. Enjoy yourself by bringing your rod. The pond of the Domaine is filled with fishes with some very big and beautiful specimens (carps, pike-perch, pikes…). You will be able to fish directly from your bark all over the pond/ The fishing card is 5€ the day. A perfect activity for a relaxing stay waiting for you.

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