Published on 29 November 2022

Our Domaine is engaged in a sustainable development procedure: our project’s goal is to preserve the environment and limit the impact we have on nature. We set up a complete procedure in order to reduce our consumptions. You can also contribute with simple gestures during your stay.

Management of water consumption

We’re working towards a responsible consumption of primary ressources

  • Water recuperators in our Nursery area enable us to give rain water to our newborns.
  • Watering early in the morning or late at night of our plants during intense heat.
  • Pressure reducers are set up in bathrooms of the Domaine and some of them are equipped with automatic buttons.
  • Our staff is trained for water leak detection.
  • The lodges in adventure and comfort range are equipped with dry toilets: no more flush, only wood chips!

Energy saving

  • We circulate in electrical golf cars and bark in order to limit the noises and the pollution.
  • Innovation 2022: creation of an area for electrical vehicles.
  • All our accommodations are equipped with low consumption light bulbs.
  • Individuel counters are set up in our residents’ mobil homes (it encourages them to turn the heat off and turn the light off when the accommodation is vacant).

Reception and Administration

We reuse used paper as draft. We favour email exchanges against postal ones and we prefer to send postal mail by “lettre verte” againt “lettre prioritaire”.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • We use steam cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • The cleaning products made available for the customers in the accommodations (welcome kit) are certified Eco Label.
  • We ask our clients to not unfold unused sheets in order to reduce the cleaning cycle.

Waste management

A selective waste sorting is set up in our bin areas with:

  • Yellow containers for recyclable waste,
  • Glass columns
  • Compost bin

We sensitize our customers with displays and a practical guide for sorting, included in the welcome booklet. For years, we’ve decided to serve drinks at the bar paillotte in reusable goblets, in order to enable everybody to go home with a souvenir, and mostly limit the glass cleaning cycles, or even plastic glasses.

Local economy – short circuit

We favour partneship with local producers more and more.

  • Beer, honey, champagne, rillettes, candles, meat at the snack… You will find those products at the boutique as well as in our different offers.
  • We also make some products at the Domaine: pens, key rings made by the director, for the benefit of the association Ain’stinct Animal;
  • We also produce our own terrine with our boars: it enables a regulation of the specie in the park.

Fauna and flora protected

  • The Domaine, it is also a program of species reintroduction: our 2 Europen bisons arrived in 2020 and are happy to live with us.
  • There are also some green areas: thoses areas are kept fallow so that the insects can find their happiness there. Hidden is a meadow are several beehives.
  • We limit the circulation inside of the Domaine thanks to our numerous parking areas at the entry of the site: this way, we limit the pollution made by the vehicles, as well as the noises.

Social engagement

The Domaine also offers numerous activites, and some are free for our residents such as:

  • swimming-pool, pétanque, ping pong, commented feeding of the animals, aquagym… We enable everybody to have great holidays with us with no extra cost.
  • Our association enables the feeding and the care of our animals.
  • We accept payments in Chèques Vacances.
  • We offer internships in order to encourage the entry in the professionnal world for young people; moreover, we house our seasonal workers freely.

What can you do during your stay?

The campsite sensitize the customers with different displays and with a welcome booklet in every accommodation.

Adopt an economic management of the water (for example, don’t let the water run unnecessarily).

Use the electrical equipment in a responsible way (for exemple, turn off the lights when you leave).

Do the selective waste sorting by using the different containers at your disposal in the bin area.

Limit the moves with your car and favour the local consumption.