Published on 29 November 2022

The stag and rut period goes from mid-September to the beginning of November and concerns the cervids. The Domaine counts around 30 deers, does and fawns split into 2 huge parks.

What is the stag?

It is the scream the deers make to attract the females’ attention during the love season. It is also an intimidating scream destined to other males.

For the fallow deer, it is called the “raire”. It has the same function but is a lot less loud.

What happens in the parks of the Domaine?

In the wild, the cervids are more virulent at night and in the morning, however our animals are used to the peaceful presence of the customers and it enables you to witness the stag and hear the male’s scream even during the day.

The more experienced ones try to intimidate the younger ones, but the competition is serious. They have a lot to do night and day to win this year the title of dominant male: the one who will mate with all the females.

The fights cannot be avoided. A lot of customers will have the chance to hear the woods clash from their cabin.

The animal carers of the Domaine also have a lot to do: they have to check the state of the fences many times a day. Also, sometimes to male will be stuck in eachother’s woods and are seriously wounded, which could cause a strong exhaustion between the two and even cause their death (as it happens in the wild).

Young fallow deer with a broken wood after a fight

It is a very tiring period physically, the animals barely eat and don’t have a break, they can loose up to 20 kg. The young males have all their chances at the end of the stag, when the older males are completely exhausted and cannot watch their horde which can count more than 10 females.

Did you know?

The fertility period of the doe is really short, it lasts less than a day. The male on the contrary have a coupling faculty of nearly a month.

The stag is nearly over, the exhausted males will get better and prepare for winter. Pregnant females will already enter in their gestation period (8 months). Now for everybody, their occupation is eat-sleep!

Nature planned everything. In this period, the available food is very rich. Therefore, dear customers, go and gather acorns and chestnuts at the Domaine: they love them!

We close on November 6th, the last customers will be amazed by the splendid colors of Autumn that cover the Domaine and the unique atmosphere of our animal parks during this period!

We still have some availabilities for a stay in September, October and mostly during the Toussaint holidays, so enjoy the promotions of the moment for the campsite or the unusual accommodations.